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Our aim is to ensure you leave our training academy with the knowledge and confidence to perform excellent microblading treatments. We do not believe in holding back information for additional workshop days therefore our beginners course is run over 3 days to ensure all the theory and practical elements of training are fully covered in detail.


Our course content is extensive and the following is a taster of what you will learn:


  • What is microblading and its history
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Licensing to practice microblading and the by-laws
  • Insuring your microblading business
  • Sterilisation, sanitation and hygiene
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Functions of the skin
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Understanding correct disposable of microblades
  • Contra-indications and allergic reactions
  • Client suitability of the treatment
  • Patch testing
  • How much does microblading hurt?
  • The legalities surrounding topical anaesthetics in the UK
  • Understanding brow hair-growth patterns
  • Implantation of pigment with a hand-held tool
  • Needle depth, tools and blade selection
  • Colour theory & how to select the correct pigment
  • Skin undertones and overtones
  • How do the Fitzpartick skin groups effect the healed result?
  • Creating an eyebrow template using the measurement band
  • How to style a brow for varying facial shapes and features
  • Client analysis and design considerations
  • How the skin heals after a microblade procedure
  • The pigment fading process
  • How to give a professional consultation
  • Pre-procedure documentation
  • Aftercare advice and homecare products
  • The retouch process and troubleshooting
  • Which marketing techniques are recommended

3 Day Course

Beginners Microblading Course

2 Day Course

Machine to Microblading Conversion Course


We are delighted to offer fully accredited and insurable training courses which are the first platform to becoming a skilled permanent makeup artist. Our comprehensive training courses ensure you have all the knowledge and information required to perform excellent treatments and give you the confidence and support needed to maintain a successful career in this wonderful industry.


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